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V2.0 is under the way:

  • It will be completely re-written in C - Many applicationes of ebase are embedded systems where C++ is a luxury. A C++ interface can still be provided on top of the C implementation.
  • Further abstract datafile API - It will be possible for people to write their own datafile implementation (e.g., data file on raw flash device instead of going through C file API). It is probably also a good idea to abstract the C file API so that the standard datafile implementation can adapt to different OS'es where there is no C file API.
  • Data integrity and recovery - We build in CRC error checking into data file and database level. A systematic crash recovery routine is provided to guarrantee that completed transactions can be recovered.
  • Provide endian-aware feature for both datafile layer and ebase layer. Perhaps we can also provide endian conversion features.
  • Multi-thread support is *NOT* considered for v2.0.
  • Insert and delete fields are *NOT* considered for v2.0.
  • The data ownership transfer will be further refinesment.

We need your help!

  • Join the ebase-devel mailing list
  • We have many tasks that need volunteers to carry out (such as test suite, API design, etc)

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